Prioritizing Personal Physical, Mental and Spiritual health or wellbeing

As much as we need to care for the needs and extra support our children need, there isn’t a chance of that happening for long term, with great energy, lightness and happiness, if you haven’t first checked in with yourself.

So let me stop here for a second and ask you the very important and much needed question?

How Are You?

Balanced and Conscious approach towards your Child’s Healing:

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If you have heard people saying Happy Parent = Happy Child, you have heard it right.

As much as we need to care for the needs and extra support our children need, there isn’t a chance of that happening for long term, with great energy, lightness and happiness, if you haven’t first checked in with yourself.

So let me stop here for a second and ask you the very important and much needed question?

Because if you are here with me, on this journey, there isn’t a doubt in my mind, that your child is doing great, and fortunate to have you. 

But I have to ask you “HOW ARE YOU DOING” ?

Don't answer it as yet, don't just say it out of habit with a regular answer like, I’m fine, oh I’m doing great. 

I know that answer too well, coz I have used it a million times and in situations, when I truly wanted to scream out in my heart, I’m exhausted, I haven’t slept in ages, I don't remember what a full night’s sleep feels like.

I have become a Private investigator constantly researching online about new research and ways to help my child. 

Mostly I’m in a daze working on an auto pilot mode. And from some magical event, even the days I get to have some time of my own, I’m obsessed about what more can I do for my child, Am I doing enough?, the answer to that for me always was No!!

Taking time out for myself to be Happy on my own felt like I’m doing something wrong, I wasn’t being a great parent. The never-ending cycle of Guilt and shame kept a hold on me, even when I tried my best.  

I am a Business Woman so the work had its own role to play in my, never stopping for a Pause, Life. 

Whether you have a newly diagnosed child, or you are further along in your Journey, May be you are feeling it all right now, may be you have felt it at some point in your journey or may be you are done with the major part of initial chaos and are at much charted out place right now, one thing that you need by your side all along is your health - physical, mental and spiritual.

Between working out on our child’s therapies, daily structures, special food requirements, and the fear of leaving him alone, or forgetting something out all the time, dealing with those heartbreaking meltdowns and sensory overloads, I had forgotten I exist too. I had become invisible to myself and may be even to others. 

(let me vent a bit, since I have this chance to, I know you feel me right now;)

What followed was an extreme breakdown of my health, mental and physical.

I fell into depression and extreme anxiety. I developed Migraines and stomach ailments like IBS. 

It didn't take me long to realize how it was effecting my behavior with my son. 

My responses and reaction to his needs were becoming robotic and plain cold. 

I wouldn't be lying if I told you, there were moments I hated him, felt he robbed me of my “oh so perfect Life” and sentenced me to this life long imprisonment. Sounds extreme right, well that’s how it happened to me. 

If at any point in time even for a faintest moment you have felt this way, I feel you and you are not alone, above all there in nothing wrong with you for feeling this way, you are still the best parent your child could have. 

Because you are here, aren’t you ☺

As I developed my Health issues and had to go on medications and treatments, I realized how important it was for me to get a better understanding of what was truly going on with me, was there a better way of dealing with it then being on medication and doctor visit all the time.

What came as rescue for me to begin this process with, was Yoga and meditation.

After 9 years of practicing Yoga and meditation, if there is one thing I have learnt without a doubt, that is, all dis-ease begins in the mind first and manifests in the body in various forms. 

Today there is so much research available on confirming this fact. 

So if the mind can create it, then the same power can be harnessed for healing too. 

And there began my journey into deeper aspects of learning and understanding the depth and understanding of Neuroscience, the power of our Subconscious, Energy Consciousness, and impact our personal energy has on our physical bodies, our lives and on the people around us. 

I had understood one thing very clearly, that is, we create our own reality. 

Life works and flows from inside out. 

What you create within is what you attract to become physically real in your life. 

When we are not prioritizing ourselves, we might think we are sacrificing for the greater purpose in our lives. But the fact is you are creating the same effect on others as you are feeling them.

The energy of sacrifice and being a Martyr for your child is also an energy of helplessness, restlessness and anxiousness. Whether you are feeling this consciously or it’s still an unaware place in your understanding, the fact is you are still transmitting it. 

Do you truly believe your child doesn't feel it, even though they can’t express it, they are showing it out in many ways, in their behavior and in their actions. Take a minute and let this sink in. 

What would your child rather feel his/her place in your Life would be,  a burden that you need to let your life be sacrificed for, or a Gift that allows you to become the unapologetic self healer and Warrior for your child’s nurturing , so that they could blossom into their own being, with you right along by their side.

Like Dr. Joe Dispenza  rightly puts , ‘ You can’t think one way and feel another and expect anything to change in your Life”. 

Our children are in fact the most sensitive or may I say, are extra ordinarily sensitive to energy, and if you aren’t giving out the energy that feels light and supportive for their being, they feel it too. 

In fact there is so much research that shows today, How as beings of energy we impact the people around us. The Heart Math institute has done such intensive research in this subject and has documented this with some mind-blowing results. 

The power of working on your personal energy and the impact it has in transforming the life of those around you, is a phenomenon to behold in all its truth. 

Our Energy has a direct impact with our dominant thoughts, and our dominant thoughts are guided by our subconscious beliefs, our subconscious beliefs are what guide our decisions and actions, and from there transpires the existence 

of everything in our physical reality.

You might be saying here, wait a minute, what do subconscious beliefs have to do with my Parenting my Autism child. I love my child and I’d do anything for my child. Yes you are right, and I wouldn’t doubt for a second that you would. 

But Question is, What would you base directing your child’s Life to, would it be a certain kind of outcome or Let me make it even simpler further, What do you believe a fulfilling/good or independent Life looks like for your child?

Take minute, and then answer it as honestly you can. I’m right here waiting.

OK Great, so you know what you are looking at as an achievement or direction for your child. 

Now I want to ask yourself another question. 

Why do you want your child’s Life to look that way. 

Is this something your child has expressed an interest towards, or is it something that makes you feel will be the right approach for your child to take. 

Whatever the answer comes to you as, don't judge it, just ask another Question rather, Why do I believe this? 

Welcome to a Warrior Parent Spirit, Questioning ???

So then the answer to the Question above, What do your Subconscious beliefs have to do with your parenting, the answer is, Everything.

In my opinion, every Parent should be working on their own self limiting beliefs, if they truly want to be the parent their child truly needs and deserves, to shine their individual unique light, that they already are.     

So as the saying goes Happy Parent = Happy Child, would make sense then, right!!!

Successful Autism parents realize this truth and are not ashamed at putting themselves first, they realize self-care is not selfish. 

It’s only in taking care of yourself, you are making sure of a possibility of being there to support and care for your child, for as long as the Universe and Life commands you to. Wouldn’t that be an amazing way to Live your Life to?