Rachna Malkani

Admin, Finance, Marketing, Media – Rachna has taken up all that and has had a sterling record, playing each avatar she donned, in MNC companies of repute from the age of nineteen. And then, she gave it all up to pursue her calling as an artist, designer and creator - to follow the call of her inner self. She found herself head over heels in love with being an entrepreneur and its spirit of being free.

In 2007, the Malkani introduced a unique concept: the UAE's first genuine leather manufacturing facility with the dream of bringing top quality leather goods from the region. Local entrepreneurs flocked to Leather Crafts to produce their brand.

Even though being untrained with the formal know how of the designing process, she has a keen eye for the aesthetic and style sense within her, that transpires through her emotions and inspirations into her Designs. Her process is more driven by natural rhythms of her inner instincts then of the trends and styles of the Industry. She believes in being driven by the Heart.

She is extremely passionate about creating her collections with themes that resonate with Human Mind, Psychology, Empowerment and Self Love.

Her exclusive limited edition collection Beauty Beyond the Obvious was specially created in Awareness for Compassionate Autism Parenting, being the Mother of a 13 year Old Son, who is on the Autism Spectrum. 

She is an ardent advocate of Personal Empowerment by learning and substantiating the Power of Growth and Evolution.

She has devoted last 20 years of her Life into learning skills and techniques that help people awaken the power within.

Celebrity customers

Vaani Kapoor

Samuel L Jackson

Ranveer Singh

Nelly Karim

She is also a certified Life Coach in the training with the programs that’s created by some of the greatest mentors and Coaches in the industry, who have worked for and with some of the biggest names in the mentoring industry, as the likes of Brendon Bouchard, Tony Robbins, Dr Joe Vitale, Jim Kwik, Robert Kiyosaki. 

With the keen interest in self-evolution and decoding the mysteries of the Mind, to enhance her own creative and Human Potential skills, She has been a fervent student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr Marisa Peer, Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Steve G Jones. 

Taking her love for empowerment further she has recently launched her first Empowerment Coaching Business to share her knowledge and give back in order to serve humanity at a bigger scale. 

Stepping into the role of Conscious Autism Parenting, she is helping parents realize the true impact of becoming self empowered for their children’s Life, healing and Progress. Her true wish and purpose is for the world and the parents to be able to see these children, as a divine Gift they truly are. 

If we truly wish to change the future of our world for the better, we need to begin with children. And we can’t empower children impact fully, unless we empower their parents. So that their foundation is laid in empowerment.

She strongly believes in the power of the saying

“Be the Change you wish to see in the World”