8 Habits of Successful Autism parenting

As much as we need to care for the needs and extra support our children need, there isn’t a chance of that happening for long term, with great energy, lightness and happiness, if you haven’t first checked in with yourself.

So let me stop here for a second and ask you the very important and much needed question?

How Are You?

Prioritizing Personal Physical, Mental and Spiritual health or wellbeing:

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Let me give a shout out to all you Super parents out there, this little message, is to the spirit of every Autism Parent, with all my Love.

Just because we are saying we are Ok, doesn’t mean we are.

Just because we look physically fine, doesn’t mean we are in radiant health, there are aches and pains we deal with incessantly and yet choose to show up for our kids.

Just because we laugh a lot, doesn’t mean we are not crying our hearts out on our pillows at times.

Just because we have positive outlook, doesn’t mean there aren’t times we struggle to deal with things that look so simple and natural to a neuro-typical child, yet we see our child finding it a monumental task to achieve.

Things that come so naturally by default to typical kids, is a skill for our children to learn, for their survival.

I would be lying if I haven’t questioned existence of God, if I haven’t looked at the sky a million times questioning the intentions of universe behind its whole master plan.

What good could it be for a child to be so challenged to survive in a so called developed world, where life is much easy in comparison to 100 years ago.

Why and how did it become such a mountain to climb for our children and their families.

Just because we love our children endlessly, unconditionally, doesn’t mean we haven’t experienced the dark moments of frustration, anger, chaos, hatred and resentment.

Between those endless sleepless nights and unpredictable days with moments of utter pain, we manage to somewhere find a way to keep our sanity alive.

Because if we don’t who will?

Just because we look confident, doesn’t mean we are always sure of what we are doing.

But one thing we are sure of is learning, growing and never giving up for our children.

And to do that we got to make sure, our own mental and physical health stays our first priority, it’s a life time journey, lived through small victories in moments, until they become and a blossomed garden of divine Love shining through our kids Lives.

Before we begin, let me ask you one question. When you read the word Successful, what did it mean to you. What is the definition of Success in your mind. Is it defined by age old traditions and societal narratives, or is it something you believe is defined by you?

Success is truly a Paradigm, ever evolving and changing, to create an individual and unique perspective, that allows you and your child to create your own definition, that’s more fulfilling and authentic to your personal journey. 

After all isn’t that the true nature of our being, unique and individual, true to 

your-self. Unless we start looking at success as what it authentically means, we will continue to stay trapped in the narratives of the world defined standards for it. Well if we look at our history, nothing great came out of that for sure, wouldn't you agree ;)

If you are here, let me give you a big hug for showing up as the committed parent of the most extraordinary person of your Life, yes You got me right, Your child. 

Thank you for being here and keeping the belief in human potential alive.

Now lets jump right in: